Update 27/02/17

Welcome back we are including a video link this week which is just a short visual note of some of the horses we are offering for sale through our brokerage service at the moment . Take a moment to have a look and check out what’s going on . There are also some nice horses up on the site as well it’s looking good must say a big thank you to all of you that have registered and then put up adverts . Perhaps those that have registered might create an advert soon 🙂 You can use the coupon code hs36520171 up until 31/03/17 to create one free advert per user .

Just bringing a little bit of humour to the post two of us went to the west coast of Ireland the other day to look at one 4 year old horse anyway we quite liked the horse he had more pluses than minuses any way we couldn’t help notice he had two large splints so when it came To asking how much they wanted for the horse. I asked how much do you want for the horse anyway the farmer came back to me with his price , so I mentioned what about the splints his reply was I won’t be charging you for them 😁😁😁truly put us in our place some character.



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