Quick Answer: Who Is Sandi Toksvig Married To?





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Sandi Toksvig

Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth

Who is Sandi Toksvig’s wife?

Debbie Toksvig

m. 2014

Debbie Toksvig

m. 2007–2014

Peta Stewart

m. ?–1997

Does Sandi Toksvig have a son?

Theo Toksvig-Stewart

Who was Sandi Toksvig father?

Claus Toksvig

How did Sandi Toksvig have children?

Toksvig is the mother of two daughters (Megan and Jesse) and a son (Theo). The children were carried by her then partner, Peta Stewart, from whom she separated in 1997, and were conceived through artificial insemination by donor Christopher Lloyd-Pack, younger brother of the actor Roger Lloyd-Pack.