What Is An Allowance Horse Race?

An allowance race is one in which the runners run for a higher purse than in a maiden race.

These races usually involve conditions such as “non-winner of three lifetime.” A claiming race is one in which the horses are all for sale for more or less the same price (the “claiming price”) up until shortly before the race.

What is a Grade 3 horse race?

Grade 3 stakes. Suburban H. (G1) The “H” stands for handicap and means that the amount of weight each horse carries in the race is assigned by the Racing Secretary or Track Handicapper.

How much weight does a race horse carry?

Weight requirements vary from race to race and track to track, but generally horses carry between 112 and 126 pounds, which includes jockey and about 7 pounds worth of gear. Some jockeys lose as much as 10 pounds in a day.2 May 2014

What is a maiden claiming horse race?

In horse racing a maiden race is an event for horses that have not won a race. Horses that have not won a race are referred to as maidens. Maiden horse races are held over a variety of distances and under conditions with eligibility based on the sex or age of the horse.

What is a classified horse race?

Classified Stakes. Races with a max rating for horses that have run at least 3 times, or run twice and won at least once. Handicap. Races where the weight a horse has to carry is determined by the official handicapper.

What is a grade one horse race?

Group One, Group 1, Grade I or G1 is the term used for the highest level of Thoroughbred and Standardbred stakes races in many countries. To attain or maintain a Group One status, the average rating for the first four finishers in the race must be 115 or higher over a three year period.

What happens if a horse is overweight for a race?

All horses in a race are assigned a weight to carry. In some races, all horses carry the same weight. If a jockey is overweight, this is permitted and announced to race bettors before the race begins. If a jockey is underweight then the required amount of weight must be added in the form of lead pads.

What’s the average height and weight of a jockey?

Despite their light weight, they must be able to control a horse that is moving at 40 mph (64 km/h) and weighs 1,200 lb (540 kg). Though there is no height limit for jockeys, they are usually fairly short due to the weight limits. Jockeys typically stand around 4 ft 10 in (147 cm) to 5 ft 6 in (168 cm).

Why do they weigh down horses?

In a horse handicap race (sometimes called just “handicap”), each horse must carry a specified weight called the impost, assigned by the racing secretary or steward based on factors such as past performances, so as to equalize the chances of the competitors.

How does a claiming horse race work?

A claiming race in thoroughbred horse racing is one in which the horses are all for sale for more or less the same price (the “claiming price”) up until shortly before the race. Claiming races fall at the bottom of this hierarchy, below maiden races, and make up the bulk of races run at most US tracks.

Why put a horse in a claiming race?

Horse Betting: Claiming Races. A claiming race means that the horses may be purchased by a licensed owner for the claiming price listed for that race. Every track has certain claiming guidelines, but generally there are certain rules that apply. The horse is then picked up by its new owner/trainer after the race.

What does S mean in horse racing?

X – Means that the horse has had a spell, which means the horse has not started in a race for 3 months or more. F – Means that the horse has fell in a race. P – Means that the horse was pulled up by a jockey in a race.

What is a selling stakes horse race?

An allowance race is one in which the runners run for a higher purse than in a maiden race. If a horse is purchased, a track official tags it after the race, and it goes to its new owner. A selling race, or seller, is one in which the winner is put up for auction immediately after the race.

What are the different types of horse races?

The three main types of races are claimers, allowances, and stakes races. Claimers are races in which every horse is essentially up for sale. In allowance races, the field is usually limited to horses who have won a certain amount of money or number of races over a specified period of time.

What is a listed race UK?

It is no different in the UK. The Listed Race is the UK version of a handicap or overnight stakes. Listed Races may be either type of race. If the Listed Race is a handicap, the track handicapper will assign the weights to all of the horses that are entered in the event.