Quick Answer: What Is A Purse In Horse Racing?

In the context of horse racing, the term purse is a reference to the total amount of money dedicated to being paid out to the top finishers of a particular race regardless of the conditions of the competition.

Purse size varies by track and by the quality of the horses entered in the race.

How is the purse divided in horse racing?

The purse for the Kentucky Derby is $2 million and it is split among the top five finishers in the race. The winner of the Kentucky Derby takes home an estimated $1.24 million while second place gets $400,000. Third takes home $200,000, fourth gets $100,000 and fifth collects $60,000.

What is a purse in gambling?

health costs funded by the public purse. Unspecified amounts of money:amount, appropriation, a price on someone’s head 3. [countable] an amount of money that is offered as a prize in a sports competition, especially a boxing match or a horse race.

How do horse owners get paid?

So if the purse is $10,000, then the winning horse owner gets $6000. Ten percent of that goes to the trainer and 10% to the jockey. Besides racing, horse owners can potentially make money by breeding and/or selling. A talented stallion can be offered at stud.

How much money does a horse jockey make?

Jockeys traditionally get 10% of the prize money in races where their horses win or place. So, with $1.86 million going to the top finisher at the 2019 Kentucky Derby, the jockey riding the winning horse to victory would earn about $186,000.