What Is A Black Type Horse Race?

Group races, also known as Pattern races, or Graded races in some jurisdictions, are the highest level of races in Thoroughbred horse racing.

They are also sometimes referred to as Black type races, since any horse that has won one of these races is printed in bold type in sales catalogues.

What is a black type pedigree?

Black type: Indicates a stakes winning/placed horse in a pedigree. Typically will specify the race if a graded/group event. More black type can typically indicate a better pedigree.

What is a listed horse race?

Types of Races

All horses carry weights based on their ability which is assessed by the official handicapper. For example, the age or sex of the horse, winner of one race or more, winner of races of a certain value etc. Listed Races. The level of race just below Group races.

What is a black type stakes race?

Black-type indicates a runner has won or placed in a select race of importance. When a horse wins a stakes race, the information is added to the racing databases of The Jockey Club, Equibase, BrisNet and other companies that produce racing and breeding reports for their clients.

What is a Grade 3 horse race?

Grade 3 stakes. Suburban H. (G1) The “H” stands for handicap and means that the amount of weight each horse carries in the race is assigned by the Racing Secretary or Track Handicapper.

What is a Group 1 race?

Group One, Group 1, Grade I or G1 is the term used for the highest level of Thoroughbred and Standardbred stakes races in many countries. In Europe, the level of races for Thoroughbred racing is determined using the Pattern race system introduced in 1971 and monitored by the European Pattern Committee.

What is a broodmares?

A mare is an adult female horse or other equine. A broodmare is a mare used for breeding. A horse’s female parent is known as its dam. An uncastrated adult male horse is called a stallion and a castrated male is a gelding.

What is a conditions horse race?

Conditions races are horse races in which the weights carried by the runners are laid down by the conditions attached to the race. As all of the most important races in Europe are conditions races, the term may also refer to races for the very best horses, known as Group races.

What is a benchmark horse race?

Benchmark races are handicap races based on ratings that are open to every horse and have no restrictions. As the minimum top weight at weights time is 59kg this weight will reflect the benchmark of the race. Therefore, in a Benchmark 90 race a horse rated 92 will receive 1kg over the benchmark of 59kg (60kg).

What is a selling stakes horse race?

An allowance race is one in which the runners run for a higher purse than in a maiden race. If a horse is purchased, a track official tags it after the race, and it goes to its new owner. A selling race, or seller, is one in which the winner is put up for auction immediately after the race.

What is a Group 3 race?

Group races are the most well-known and the best races, divided into three categories – Group 1, 2 and 3. Group 1 races are a test of class and all the horses run off level weights but allowances are given for three-year-old horses against older horses and for fillies and mares against colts and geldings.

What is a listed stakes race?

The following race classifications are ranked from the highest class of racing (“stakes” races, which is short for “sweepstakes”). Stakes races are the only races where the owner pays a nomination fee, entry fee and/or starting fee. Allowance races are for horses that meet certain conditions as shown below.

What is a Group 2 race?

Group 2 Flat Races. While they are not considered as ‘important’ as the Group 1 races, Group 2 races are also rated as class 1 events. They still attract international contenders, especially those longing to make a name for themselves and break into Group 1.

What is a Class 2 horse race?

Class: Restricted races for horses who have not won more than the specified amount of races. Class races start from Class 1 events for horses who have only won their maiden, Class 2’s are for gallopers who have won two events in their careers to date.

What is the difference between a derby and a stakes race?

The short answer is that a Derby is a stakes race that only allows 3 year olds to enter. Maiden races are for horses that have never won a race, and horses compete against their own age (so 2 year olds only race with 2 year olds and 3 year olds only race with 3 year olds.) Claiming races are kind of the bottom tier.