Quick Answer: What Does Listed Race Mean?

Listed Race in Horse Racing.

Just below the graded stakes level in the United States is the handicap level.

These are races which offer a sizable amount of purse money, but ones that are generally open to talented horses that cannot win a graded stakes.

What is a listed stakes race?

Race Classifications. The following race classifications are ranked from the highest class of racing (“stakes” races, which is short for “sweepstakes”). Stakes races are the only races where the owner pays a nomination fee, entry fee and/or starting fee. Most stakes races have a nomination deadline ten days in advance.

What is a graded race?

Graded stakes races are the top level. These races can have no restrictions other than age or gender of the horses. There are three grades assigned by the Graded Stakes Committee: Grades 1, 2, or 3 with Grade 1 being the highest caliber. Grade 1 races include the Triple Crown series and the Breeders’ Cup races.

What does black type winner mean?

Black-type indicates a runner has won or placed in a select race of importance. When a horse wins a stakes race, the information is added to the racing databases of The Jockey Club, Equibase, BrisNet and other companies that produce racing and breeding reports for their clients.

What is a black type race?

Group races, also known as Pattern races, or Graded races in some jurisdictions, are the highest level of races in Thoroughbred horse racing. They are also sometimes referred to as Black type races, since any horse that has won one of these races is printed in bold type in sales catalogues.

What is the difference between a derby and a stakes race?

The short answer is that a Derby is a stakes race that only allows 3 year olds to enter. Maiden races are for horses that have never won a race, and horses compete against their own age (so 2 year olds only race with 2 year olds and 3 year olds only race with 3 year olds.) Claiming races are kind of the bottom tier.

What does a stakes race mean?

Definition of stakes race. : a horse race in which the prize offered is made up at least in part of money (such as entry fees) put up by the owners of the horses entered. — called also stake race.

How does a claim race work?

A claiming race in thoroughbred horse racing is one in which the horses are all for sale for more or less the same price (the “claiming price”) up until shortly before the race. Claiming races fall at the bottom of this hierarchy, below maiden races, and make up the bulk of races run at most US tracks.

What is a Class 1 race?

Maidens are eligible to run in any class of race. Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 – Class 1 races are lowest, restricted to horses who have won one race. Class 6 is for horses have won not more than six races.

What is a Grade 1 stakes race?

Category:Grade 1 stakes races in the United States. The Committee grades stakes and handicaps into three grades: Grade I, Grade II and Grade III. The largest races are Grade I. The committee uses as criteria for the grading: Purse Requirement: That the race has a purse of more than $75,000.