Question: How Tall Was Trigger The Horse?





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What breed of horse was Trigger?

Trigger. Among the most famous horses ever to grace the television screen was Trigger, the palomino stallion and sidekick of Roy Rogers. Born in 1932, Trigger was originally named Golden Cloud until he was tested out by Rogers as his potential mount for a film.

How much did Roy Rogers pay for Trigger?

Clyde Hudkins agreed to sell Trigger to Roy for the whopping sum of $2,500 (roughly equivalent to $30,000 today). Roy’s head spun when he heard the amount, but he shook hands on the deal. He made payments on Trigger, “just like a bedroom set,” until the horse was completely paid for.

What did Roy Rogers horse Trigger die of?

Trigger (horse)

Roy Rogers and Lynne Roberts with Trigger
BreedGrade horse
FoaledJuly 4, 1934
DiedJuly 3, 1965 (aged 30)

4 more rows

Was trigger a Tennessee Walker?

(1941-1969) The original Trigger is said to be a cross between a Walking Horse and a Thoroughbred, but in reality Trigger Jr. was a full-blooded Tennessee Walking Horse named Allen’s Gold Zephyr who was bred by C. O. Barker of Readyville, Tennessee.