Quick Answer: How Old Is Roy Rogers Jr?





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Roy Rogers Jr.


When did Roy Rogers pass away?

July 6, 1998

Is Roy Rogers Jr married?

Roy Rogers
OccupationSinger, actor
Years active1932–1991 1935–1984 (acting)
Spouse(s)Lucile Ascolese ( m. 1933–1936) Grace Arline Wilkins ( m. 1936; her death 1946) Dale Evans; 9 children jointly ( m. 1947; his death 1998)

10 more rows

How did Roy Rogers son die?

Rogers, 18, died after entering the hospital Saturday night. An autopsy found the 3rd Armored Division trooper died of asphyxiation due to vomiting. It was the second tragedy in 15 months involving an adopted child of Rogers and his wife, Dale Evans, stars for years in Western movies.

Who is Roy Rogers son?

Roy Rogers Jr.

Sandy Rogers