Quick Answer: How Much Is Horse Sperm Worth?

An analysis of one of the major semen sellers, with hundreds of horses on file, shows an average price of $873 per dose, with the most expensive horse semen costing $6,500.

How much did secretariat sell sperm?

Secretariat was voted Horse of the Year after his 2-year-old season and made headlines again when he was syndicated for what was then a record $6.08 million.

How much is Justify’s sperm worth?

Repole says that his horse’s super sperm makes the eight-year-old worth $100 million. Bloomberg breaks it down: Repole estimates his horse is now worth a cool $100 million.

How much are race horses worth?

The median price for a yearling is considerably lower than the average; it has been in the low- to mid-$20Ks for the past few years. The Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association (TOBA) reports that inexpensive racehorses start at about $10,000, and that sum is sometimes divided up among several owners.

How much money does a horse breeder make a year?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary earned by all animal breeders, including horse breeders, was $39,380 as of May 2015.

How much did secretariat earn in stud fees?

Christopher Chenery, Penny’s father, died in January. As the builder of Meadow Stud, he left behind hefty estate taxes. His family decided to pay the bill by selling Secretariat to a breeding syndicate that would assume ownership at the end of the horse’s racing days. The price tag was a then-record $6.08 million.

What was Secretariat worth?

Secretariat at Age Three

To keep the stable operating, Penny Chenery managed to syndicate Secretariat, selling 32 shares of the horse for a record $6.08 million. In his 1973 debut at Aqueduct Racetrack, Secretariat, who had grown even stronger over the winter, proved he was worth every cent.

How much is American Pharoah sperm worth?

Initial estimates suggest that American Pharoah may one day be worth up to $100 million to his owner, thanks to his Triple Crown title.

What is the most expensive horse?

Fugaichi Pegasus

How Much is a Triple Crown horse worth?

At an average price of $150,000 per foal, the return on investment is promising. At that rate, the deal would be profitable in just two years. The Triple Crown is a powerful bargaining chip in the market for putting a horse out to stud.

Are race horses a good investment?

Investing in a racehorse can be a risky gamble. Still, if you think owning a racehorse is a good bet, think again. It’s a gamble that probably won’t pay off. Horses can be money pits, sucking your wallet dry with fees, taxes and vet bills.

How do horse owners make money?

So if the purse is $10,000, then the winning horse owner gets $6000. Ten percent of that goes to the trainer and 10% to the jockey. Besides racing, horse owners can potentially make money by breeding and/or selling. A talented stallion can be offered at stud.

How much is the best racehorse worth?

Most expensive Thoroughbred colts in history sold at auction

HorseFoaledNominal price
Seattle Dancer1984$13.1 million
Meydan City2005$11.7 million
Snaafi Dancer1982$10.2 million
Jalil2004$9.7 million

7 more rows

What is the most expensive stud fee?

The thoroughbred breeds with up to 125 mares a year at a record stud fee of $300,000 per mare, which brings Tapit’s yearly earnings to over $35 million. “He’s the most valuable stallion at stud in America,” says Michael Hernon, director of sales at Gainesway, the Lexington, Ky., farm where Tapit resides.

What is the highest stud fee?

On the breeding market, however, their fortunes have drastically flipped: Smarty Jones stands for just $7,500 at Calumet Farm while Tapit is the most valuable (and arguably best) sire in North America, standing at Gainesway Farm for $300,000 — the highest stud fee in North America.

Did Secretariat sire any horses?

Secretariat was sired by Bold Ruler and his dam was Somethingroyal, a daughter of Princequillo. Bold Ruler was the leading sire in North America from 1963 to 1969 and again in 1973.

What is Penny Chenery net worth?

Penny Chenery net worth: Penny Chenery is an American sportswoman who has a net worth of $10 million dollars.

Did Secretariat sire any winners?

After a brief fertility scare, Secretariat produced a first crop of 28 foals. Champion broodmare sire in the USA in 1992, Secretariat’s daughters produced winners of the Epsom Derby, Belmont Stakes, Preakness Stakes, Breeders Cup Juvenile, Oaklawn Handicap, Travers Stakes and Haydock Park Sprint Cup, to name but a few.

How fast did secretariat Run mph?

49 mph