Quick Answer: How Much Is Frankel Worth?

How much is Frankel worth at stud?

Frankel: Stud fee for stallion rises to £175,000 a time.

A date with one of sport’s hottest properties just got an an awful lot more expensive.

Legendary racehorse Frankel already commanded a stud fee of £125,000, but that will rise by 40% to £175,000 next year.

How much is Galileo worth?

As in previous years Galileo remains the most expensive stallion at stud worldwide. As outlined below, the Coolmore colossus has been long listed as private but it would seem that the figure sits well above that commanded by the outstanding Japanese stallion Deep Impact on 40,000,000yen (£264,000).

Did Frankel ever lose?

Frankel (foaled 11 February 2008) is a retired champion British Thoroughbred racehorse. Frankel was unbeaten in his fourteen-race career and was the highest-rated racehorse in the world from May 2011. In January 2013 Timeform announced that his final rating at the end of his racing career was also 147.

Is Frankel better than Secretariat?

He wasn’t as consistent as Frankel, but he had a lot more going for him in terms of durability and versatility in racing. Frankel is impressive, no doubt, and certainly is one of the greatest racehorses of all time, but Secretariat will always be the greatest.