How Much Is American Pharoah’s Sperm?

An intimate moment with American Pharoah’s father, Pioneer of the Nile, will set a breeder back approximately $60,000.

Initial estimates suggest that American Pharoah may one day be worth up to $100 million to his owner, thanks to his Triple Crown title.

How much is Justify’s sperm worth?

Repole says that his horse’s super sperm makes the eight-year-old worth $100 million. Bloomberg breaks it down: Repole estimates his horse is now worth a cool $100 million.

What is secretariat sperm worth?

Secretariat was voted Horse of the Year after his 2-year-old season and made headlines again when he was syndicated for what was then a record $6.08 million.

How much is American Pharoah worth?

Before the Kentucky Derby, the first of three Triple Crown races, bloodstock agent David Ingordo, who’s advised Zayat Stables in the past, estimated to HuffPost that American Pharoah’s worth was between $5 million to $8 million. Now, horse racing experts view American Pharoah as a potential $100 million horse.

How much sperm does a horse release?

The first ejaculate contained an extremely high number of sperm (60.8 billion) and it was not until the 5th ejaculate that numbers were in the normal range (8.4 billion). This horse had a history of settling mares when pasture bred where he ejaculated frequently but fertility was low when he was hand mated.