Quick Answer: How Much Does It Cost To Breed American Pharoah?

More conservative estimates placed his potential stud fee at $75,000 and his potential value at about $25 to $36 million.

The New York Times said that breeding rights had been sold for $13.8 million: $9.8 million with an additional $4 million incentive if American Pharoah won the Belmont Stakes.

How much does it cost to breed justify?

It was an awfully profitable day for the owners of Justify, the 13th horse in history to capture the Triple Crown. After he banked a $15 million purse for winning the Belmont Stakes, Justify’s breeding rights were sold by the horse’s owners to Coolmore for $60 million, according to an ESPN report.

How much is American Pharoah stud fee?

And he has been paid handsomely for it: American Pharoah’s fee is $200,000 for every healthy foal. You can do the math. More than $20 million is already due to Ashford Stud, the farm that bought his stud rights last year for an undisclosed amount. And he’s only about halfway through his first breeding season.

Is American Pharoah a descendant of Secretariat?

Justify is the second descendant of Secretariat to win the Triple Crown. In 2015, American Pharoah, a great-great-great grandson, broke the long dry spell of 37 years as the first horse to claim the crown since Affirmed won in 1978.

How much is the stud fee for a Triple Crown winner?

At an average price of $150,000 per foal, the return on investment is promising. At that rate, the deal would be profitable in just two years. The Triple Crown is a powerful bargaining chip in the market for putting a horse out to stud.