Question: Do Race Horses Suffer?

Yes, it’s unbelievable but true.

Some adults like horse racing because they can place bets on the horses and win some money if their chosen horse wins the race.

Thousands of horses suffer in the horse-racing industry.

Are race horses drugged?

Legal drugging of racehorses draws criticism. Horse trainer Bill Boniface with retired thoroughbred “Deputed Testamony,” winner of the 1983 Preakness. Twelve horses are entered in Saturday’s Belmont Stakes, and it’s a safe bet that every one will be injected with a performance-enhancing drug before the race. It’s legal

Do race horses get treated well?

The majority of horses wouldn’t get this in a regular setting. Racehorses get exercise and treatment that most others don’t.” Irwin sends horses to those he believes will be good fits to maximize their talents. Some trainers excel with grass horses, others with sprinters; still others win no matter what type of race.

Why do race horses die?

In fact, most of the 23 horse deaths at the California racetrack Santa Anita Park in recent months were due to limb injuries. Rick Arthur, equine medical director for the California Horse Racing Board, says the deaths may be because horse racing has become more competitive.

How many horses die each year from horse racing?

The Thoroughbred-racing industry sends an estimated 10,000 horses to slaughter annually, meaning that half of the 20,000 new foals born each year will eventually be killed for their flesh.