Quick Answer: Do Draft Horses Make Good Riding Horses?

Yes, you can ride a draft horse.

All horses can be trained, and draft horses are very trainable in a number of different disciplines.

There are a number of specific things that you need to consider if you are going to ride a draft horse, but they make great riding horses.

Can draft horses be ridden?

Light breed horses are most often bred and raised to become saddle horses. “Yes, you can ride your draft horse(s),” said Teresa Stull, with the Percheron Horse Association of America in Fredericktown, Ohio. In fact, ranch operations that provide guided trail rides are increasingly adding draft horses to their string.

Do Percherons make good riding horses?

It makes an excellent riding horse. Percherons are highly versatile animals. They are adaptable to most situations and types of work. They perform well under saddle, and many have been known to make successful hunters or jumpers.

What is the calmest breed of horse?

American Quarter Horse. The Quarter Horse has certainly earned its place on our list of calmest horse breeds. They are the most popular breed in the world, with millions of Quarter Horses around the globe.

What breed of horse is best for trail riding?

Top 5 Horse Breeds For Trail Riding

  • Quarter Horse. Cowgirls sure do love their Quarter Horses, and for good reason!
  • Appaloosa. Gentle, intelligent, and obedient, Appaloosas are remarkable horses.
  • Tennessee Walking Horse. This unique gaited breed has a four-beat running-walk.
  • Arabian. Arabians are more than just pretty faces.
  • Morgan.