1. 1
    Item not allowed on Directory?

    some items are not allowed be offered on gumtree due to laws, safety reasons or feedback…

  2. 2
    Top tips for a great ad?

    By following these tips you can help make sure you get a great responce to your ad…

  3. 3
    Saved Searches and Email Alert FAQs?

    FAQs relating to Saved Search and email alerts

  4. 4
    I've Received a safety Alert, What Should I Do?

    Brief articles with guidance on what to do, dependent on what you have already given to the user in question

  5. 5
    How to Register On Site?

    How to register on site- creating a user account with Directory..

  6. 6
    Do I have to register to user Directory?

    You do have to register to post an ad on directory.

  7. 7
    Why has my ad been removed or deleted?

    If your ad breaches our posting rules, turms and condictions or is against the spirit of the site…

  8. 8
    I've been sent the password for my ad. i didn't request this, so why have I got it?

    Why have you sent me a password reset when I didn’t ask for it?

  9. 9
    General Posting Rules?

    The do’s and don’t mentioned here apply to ads posted in All categories..

  10. 10
    How Do I post an ad?

    The post an ad simply click on post an ad button that can be found at the top of any page..

  11. 11
    I can't find my ad. What's happend?

    If you can’t find your ad on the site then try the following steps…

  12. 12
    Your Ad Stats Explained?

    Keep update on what the stats mean on your Directory account.

  13. 13
    I haven't had a reply when I responded to an ad?

    Ads on Directory can get a lot of responses. if you haven’t received a reply from a poster..

  14. 14
    Why is my ad still processing?

    This status means that your ad is being automatically processed by the Directory which includes going though..

  15. 15
    How to Feature Your existing ad?

    Log into “Manage your ads” at the top of any page. You’ll need your ad reference number and password..

  16. 16
    How do I start Selling?

    Step 1. Sign-up by registering here.

    Step 2. Log-in with email and Password.

    Step 3. Refer to our Advise Page for hints and tips on selling.

    Step 4. Place an Ad by clicking on the “Publish your Ad” button.

    Step 5: Choose your category and language.

    Step 6: Enter Ad title, description, images, youtube link, price (leave blank if POA) and contact details.

    Step 7: Choose standard or premium ad.

    Step 8. Make payment via Paypal or Stripe.

  17. 17
    Do I need to register with PayPal or Stripe to be a Seller?

    No it is not necessary to register with either PayPal or Stripe. Both secure payment systems accept all major credit and debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discovery.

  18. 18
    How much does an Ad cost?

    This depends upon which package you choose. For details of our advertising packages see here

  19. 19
    Can I boost my ad after placing it?

    Yes it is possible to boost your ad at any time after placing it, simply login to your account and select boost ad, cost is €4 per boost. You can boost at any time before your ad expires.

  20. 20
    Are there restrictions regarding the content of Ads that I can place?

    All advertisements posted on HorseSales365.com must be legal, honest and accurate and must comply with our terms of use. There are also restrictions on advertising certain products and services. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details.

  21. 21
    How long will my Ad stay online?

    This depends upon which package you choose. For details of our advertising packages see here.

  22. 22
    I can't find my Ad online?

    New ads placed online are subject to approval. This is to ensure that the content of the Ad is suitable for the viewing by our users and doesn’t break any of our terms of use. We want you to have an enjoyable experience, but there are some cases where people break the rules. If you think your Ad has been mistakenly removed, feel free to Contact Us.

  23. 23
    I’ve edited my Ad but it has not changed online.

    Like new ads, edited ads need to be reviewed and approved for suitable content. This should take just a few minutes, however if you still cannot see your ad please Contact Us.

  24. 24
    Why was my Ad rejected?

    Every Ad placed on HorseSales365.com  is subject to approval. In most cases there is a valid reason why the Ad is considered unsuitable or violates our terms of use. In this case you will receive notification of the action and be given a chance to reply. Please Contact Us if you think your Ad has been mistakenly removed.